Wearing a
Better Future.

Hello! We are Greater Closet, a group of 4 high school students in Barrington High School’s INCubatorEdu program who are passionate about solving the negative effects of fast fashion on the world around us.

Meet the Team

Kaelyn Deacon
Marketing Director

Kaelyn is a senior at Barrington High School. She is on the cheerleading team and enjoys walking her dog, Molly. She is passionate about making sustainable fashion accessible to all. As marketing director, she manages Greater Closet’s social media.

Lily Dale
Brand Manager

Lily Dale is a senior at Barrington High School. She enjoys playing softball, dancing, and skiing. Lily is excited to continue inspiring others to practice sustainable shopping habits. As Brand Manager, she is involved in website maintenance and graphic design. 

Nurayn Khan
Outreach Coordinator

Nurayn Khan is a senior at Barrington High School. She enjoys playing tennis and skiing. She is passionate about helping others to live sustainably. As outreach coordinator, she connects with fashion brands that are working to make a sustainable world. 

Henry Brienen
Chief Financial Officer

Henry Brienen is a junior at Barrington High School. He enjoys playing volleyball and has a pet bird, Kiwi. Henry is excited to inspire change within the fashion industry. As our Financial officer, he oversees our money and funds.