Faherty is a family-run business with extremely strong committments to sustainability and ethical treatment. Minor concerns about leather usage, but overall very strong policies.

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Uses 77% sustainable materials like traceable cashmere, recycled sherpa, organic cotton, bluesign ®, recycled polyester, and merino.

Uses eco-friendly paper bags in their packaging.

Partners with Native artists to support their work and communities.

Require verified sustainability certifications from clothing vendors.

Has a detailed Code of Conduct that all vendors must sign.

Requires annual compliance audits of their vendors to ensure that human rights and ethical standards are being maintained.

Goal of 85% eco-friendly fibers (defined by the Higg Index) by the end of 2022.

Member of The Textile Exchange, a globally certified non-profit.

85% of bags are made from recyclable paper rather than plastic.



Uses leather, but it is sourced from tanneries certified by Leather Working Group.

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