Strong environmental policies, lacking significant efforts to ensure animal welfare and ethical worker treatment.

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Published, detailed code of conduct for supply chain worker treatment.

Published, detailed environmental impact report including carbon emissions, energy footprint and water usage.

Uses sustainable materials like cottonized fiber, organic cotton, BCI cotton, and circulate fiber (recycled jeans and sustainable sourced viscose).

Adheres to the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.

Have a detailed and timely plan to reduce emissions 90% by 2025 and are on track to meet their target.



No evidence of auditing and visiting its supply chain.

Does not ensure payment of a living wage to supply chain workers.

Use certified down, certified leather, and wool (working to be certified).

Notes some supplier violations of the code of conduct but has addressed said issues.

How do we rate?

We rate fashion brands through an objective 5 star rating system. We consider all aspects of the brand’s practices when determining our ratings, including carbon footprint, payment of living wages, animal treatment, reusable materials/packaging, water and textile waste, or dedication to future sustainable initiatives, and more.

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